Feel Good Funny: A Little Bit of I Love Lucy, Shall We?

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That’s why they call ‘ough’ the “Monster” phonogram!  😉  Good night.


We Are Awesome Sauces! Our Bread…

BraverStrongerPurer.  More peaceful and lovingLess Selfish.  This is what Papa wants for us as we go on our journey of life.

His single-minded purpose is our maturity.’

It’s interesting, because as we age, we learn more and more about ourselves…what we like, what we don’t, not afraid to say no…no longer fearing what others might think.  In my head, I’ve always wanted to blend in, afraid to disagree and state my opinion because I always wanted to be viewed as a “team player”…the one who’s flexible, positive, easy going.  I suppose part of the reason,too, was/is because I am afraid to speak in front of my peers, especially in a large group setting.  But, I’m pleased with my “evolution” over the last year or so…it’s getting a little easier…

When there’s passion in our opinions, don’t we feel more confident to speak freely our beliefs?  We’re being true to ourselves, right?  Isn’t that what Papa wants?  As our peers may be judging or criticizing, what God thinks is the most important…so, let’s let our selves stand tall, because Papa is with us every step of the way!  🙂

We’ve been given a ‘love that lasts forever and a God who will never give up on you.  That’s a good reason to have joy and to “come before him with joyful songs”.’

And, if we ‘can’t carry a tune, just give Him a shout-out’!

Here’s to continuously evolving into beautiful butterflies!,

Lisa xoxo

“I’m grateful, Father, that You are at work in me.  I find it difficult to change and I wonder sometimes how or if I ever will.  Yet I know that You are continuing Your work in me and as I look back I will see the growth You are producing.  Thank you!”

Psalm 100     Know that the Lord is God.  It is He who made us, and we are His.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Tip: Try These “Bad Boy” Herbs…Very Preventive and Healing :)


This native South American herb, dating back to 1873, is healing and preventive of ‘arthritis, pain, inflammation of the prostate gland, fever, dysentery, boils and ulcers and various cancers.’

Because of the “gazillion” compounds found in this tree (see picture above), it’s able to work wonders on the body

  • quinoids, benzenoids and flavonoids – fight against harmful organisms
  • lapachol (from the stem) – toxic and resistant to nearly all types of harmful organisms; fights metastasis – spread of a cancer or other disease from one organ to another
  • beta-lapachone – fights toxicity to harmful organisms
  • selenium – ‘extremely vital antioxidant/mineral which removes free radicals that damage cells and trigger disease; increases immunity, boosts metabolism; essential for successful male and female fertility and reproduction; reduces the risk of cancer, autoimmune and thyroid diseases

the list goes on and on…

Paul D’Arco

  • reduces pain and swelling
  • fights candida – common yeast infection (not to be left untreated)
  • adjusts our Ph levels – when unbalanced, can lead to headaches, an inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, sugar addiction, stomach problems
  • reduces inflammation, which can lead to an overactive immune system, which can lead to asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimers’s disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and Parkinson’s disease

And, then there’s Graviola


This prickly green fruit-producing plant with nutrients in the leaves and bark will have us feeling healthier, for sure, but, when really needed.

Places such as Peru, Amazon and the Caribbean have been using graviola for years…

Peru makes tea with the leaves which ‘treats inflammation of the mucus membrane in the nose, throat or lungs’.

Amazon uses the roots and leaves to help control blood sugar in diabetic patients.

The Caribbean makes tea which relieves coughs, flu symptoms and asthma.  Breastfeeding moms would benefit, for it ‘promotes milk production‘.

The people of South America have been known to drink graviola juice (made with the bark and roots) to treat dysentery and scurvy.  Creates a sedative effect.

How Graviola is Used Today

  1. treats cancer

*the prickly-green fruit is loaded with acetogenins, which have been shown to have ‘anti-tumor effects on animals’

Coming from a study at Purdue University concludes that graviola has the ability to

  • ‘target and destroy malignant cancer cells in twelve different types of cancer’.
  • slow cell growth because the ‘compounds are many times more powerful than the commonly used chemotherapy drug, Adriamyan’.
  • only target cancer cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed

2. supports our immune system

3. helps with diabetes

* the specific phytochemicals might prevent spikes in blood glucose and help regulate glucose levels.

* in 2008, a two-week study on diabetic rats showed to have near normal blood sugar levels, with no medication.

4. improves digestive system

5. has antioxidant properties

*’prevents and repairs cell damage and reverses some tell-tale signs of aging-wrinkles, skin blemishes

6. increases our energy

7. gout – reduces amount of antacid

*Please note: research has shown that perhaps after pro-longed use of graviola could lead to similar symptoms of those with Parkinson’s Disease.



Cat’s Claw (Una De Gato in Spanish) is another “wonder” herb for our bodies!  🙂

This anti-viral herb…

  • boosts our immune system and fights infections
  • is anti-inflammatory
  • is anti-mutagenic
  • is an antioxidant

More specifically speaking…

Cat’s Claw provides natural treatment for

  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • diabetes
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • cancer
  • viral infections
  • ulcers
  • hemorrhoids
  • repairs DNA and improves our ‘disease-fighting’ white blood cells
  • helps the body to rid of free radicals that cause cellular damage, which leads to wrinkles
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • may aid in HIV treatment
  • combats herpes
  • improves digestive problems like Crohn’s disease

So, yes to stocking these in your medicine cabinet?  🙂

Love you!



Please do your own research, as well, on all of these herbs, and, speak with your doc prior.  Thanks!  🙂


We WILL Stay Adrift! Our Bread…:)

I think the trick to making it in this world is to believe in a Higher Power.  (however you want to perceive it) And, know, wholeheartedly, that with grace, hard work and prayer, we’ve got this!  Ain’t nobody or no thang gonna hold us down.  Oh, noWe’ve got to keep on mo vin’!  😉

However, sometimes we are ‘movin”so fast that the signs that are our “Director” is pointing out to us are being ignored.  Makes sense.  It’s easy to do.  The day in, day out hustle and bustle routiney weanies get us acting nutso because we are not. made. to be. robots!  But, we have to be take responsibility ;), so, we do.  Perhaps, however, we can      s l o w down the speed in which our responsibilities are still taken of care.

For example!  It just may be o.k. to have a picnic dinner and end a little later, getting off schedule a bit, maybe prolonging dishwashing, since the laughter, the conversations, the cuddles, the MEMORIES make it all worthwhile.  We live one life.  At the end of the day, everyone’s needs will have been met and everyone will have gotten the amount of rest needed.  Point is, getting slightly off schedule and switching it up a bit usually turns out to be a blessing and worth every minute of uncomfortableness.  Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zones in order to really connect with the Universe (love).

And, then there those times in our lives when it requires a lot more strength and courage to keep our faith.  Our world sometimes feels like it’s crumbling…nothing is working out…it’s one thing after another…It’s easy to lose hope.

It’s much harder to “stay adrift” despite all of the “series of unfortunate events”.

But, we’re better than that!  And, MUCH MORE CAPABLE.  We have our “homework assignments”, for sure!…actually LISTENING to Papa and actually DOING the hard work that is required to reach our goals.  It’s pure silliness to expect miracles to happen if we stay sitting on our couch, only pray and, DO NOTHING.  Eckh!

If it’s a peaceful home and a productive life that we desire and/or hope to maintain, keeping our eyes on the light, combined with determination, resilience and perseverance, we’ll reap gobs and gobs of rewards.  It will be a win-win for everyone…YOU’LL SEE!  🙂

Promise me that we’ll stay adrift, despite


Lisa xoxo


“God, thank You for the beautiful promise of a home.  Please bring peace to our world, and provide for the needs of all of Your children.”

Micah 4:1 – 5     Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid.