Today’s Bread ~ Karma is REAL!

We’ve all heard the expression, “What goes around comes around”, but, do we really make it a point to always keep this expression in the forefront of our minds, our hearts, our souls?  No!  It’s too often that we say or do things without thinking of the repercussions that follow.  We experience consequences either right away or later on down the road, whenever Papa thinks it’s time for justice to be served.  Either way, justice is served.  And, on the flip side, Papa is sure to recognize all the good we put into the world, as well!  “Thank you!”

My friends and family have teased me about me always saying, “I cancel that!”  Those words come out of my mouth when something is said aloud that isn’t what we really want to happen…example, “Don’t run because you can trip and fall.”  In my mind, and, the participant ;P, and the universe, will only hear trip and fall and, the likelihood of that happening is a lot greater, pretty much a guarantee.  I’d rather we “ask” the universe what we want, rather than what we don’t.  Example, “Please walk so you can get through safely.”  The universe will naturally make that happen.

I guess what I am trying to say is, let’s be more conscientious with our actions and the words that we say aloud because, Papa is watching and listening, and He will be sure justice is served…what do you want to come your way?  The good, the bad or the ugly?

‘God cares deeply about justice, about righting wrongs, and about defending the powerless.  In the end, no one gets away with any act of injustice.  Nor does God leave unrewarded our work done in faith for Him.’

Hope your day is thrilling and blessed,



kisses to you~

Genesis 4:1 – 12     By faith Abel still speaks.

“Father, as Your Son taught us to pray, we ask that Your kingdom will come, Your will be done to change this broken world.  Thank You for redeeming us.”


Today’s Bread: Let the Universe Hear Our Joyful Hearts

You ever find yourself singing really loud, like you just can’t control yourself?!  Or, what about the “caffeine high” you get when you drink your couple cups of coffee and, you start dancing like you’re in a dance competition?  Am I alone?  My guess is, NO!  And, that’s wonderful to know!

Ah.  That feeling that comes when you just let loose.  The energy that is being put out when our lungs and muscles are getting exercised.  It’s pure euphoria!  And, we’re drawing in some wonderful energy that we’ll noticeably recognize as being in our favor!

We will especially reap rewards if our hearts are in the right place, and, while we are singing or dancing, we have Him in mind and demonstrating our gratitude for His love that endures forever.  We have so much in which to be grateful, don’t we?

Some have more than others, yes, mostly tangible items that I’m referring.  We all have different backgrounds.  Some are twisted and warped, hard to understand.  Others’ backgrounds are the epitome of the quintessential American family, similar to the show Leave It to Beaver.

Regardless of our backgrounds and day-to-day challenges, we can all show our appreciation for life, the beauty that surrounds us, and, it doesn’t cost us a penny!

So, let’s sing, dance and, be merry!  Let’s let our joyful hearts be heard!

  • turn on the music when you’re cleaning house
  • sing in the shower
  • sing in the car
  • get a partner and waltz throughout the house
  • try to do the moon walk
  • pretend that you are an opera singer!  ;P

How many of these do you already do?  Good job!  🙂

Love you,


2 Chronicles 7:1 – 10     Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.

“Dear Lord, give us thankful hearts to praise You, because You are good and all that You do is good.  Your love endures forever!”


Rest is a Beautiful Thing! ~ Today’s Bread

Don’t most of us, us working folks, get so caught up in the day-to-day routines, immersing ourselves in our work, our responsibilities, that, before we know it, it’s time to go to bed? And, then, repeat!  It’s sometimes not until the weekend, that we take the time to rest. Sunday has always been the day that we think “it’s o.k” to do nothing, or, break free from “the hamster wheel”…maybe, we think of playing games, or gardening, or sharing a meal with friends and family, or, even taking an afternoon nap…

But, do we really have to wait until Sunday?  Even Saturday?  I’m sure for us working folks our time really is limited for rest, to do what really brings us joy…but, I wonder if we all put on our “thinking caps”, got creative in our planning, our scheduling of our work days, if we could allot some time, even if it’s fifteen minutes, to chill out!

It was on our vacation that we got to gaze at waterfalls, listen to nature’s music and, drift…drift away from all worry, responsibility and, breathe…breathe in God’s beauty that surrounds all of us…what therapy that is for the soul!  And, we can all do that daily and, not even have to leave our driveway!

In fact, I challenge us to lay out a blanket (weather permitting :P) in our front yard, daily, and lie there for at least fifteen minutes.  Let’s let our worries be carried away and absorb the joy that comes from what doesn’t cost us a penny.  Then, “get back on the hamster wheel” ;P, if need be…do you think we’ll be stronger?  Happier?  More willing to go “the extra mile”?

Whaddya say?  Here’s to resting…EVERYDAY!  And, not just when it’s time to go to bed!  😉

Love you, lots,



Hope your day is great!  xoxo

Exodus 23:10 – 13     Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work.

“Lord God, in You we find our rest.  Thank You that You’ve created us both to work and to rest.  Please help us to find the right rhythm for our lives.”