The Golden Girls! HYSTERICAL! Do watch! (1 min. 22 sec…worth every sec.)

Toldja so!  ;P

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Today, will you let out your sense of humor?

Happy News

I Owe You Some Goodies!…a Ha-Ha, some yummy Bread and some Good Ole’ Practical Worthwhile Information!

You’re always in my mind, and, I will be adamant about fulfilling my commitments.  Life just happens, with frequent surprises along the way…leaving us needing to maintain the flow…to keep the peace…You know?  😉

Love you to bits.  I just have to get some shut eye, starting…55 minutes ago ;P.

Please check back in tomorrow…for some sort of additional goodness!  :)…and, the rest coming shortly thereafter.  🙂




In other words, let’s be “zenful” as we “ride our roller coaster”!  🙂


Our Bread…

It is so easy to fill up our days with routines and maintain that steady pace.  When, before you know it, it’s nighty night time, the eight or so hours are put in for rest and, then, we “press repeat”.  Sound familiar?  Mm.  Hm.

The thought of deviating from the norm brings on a bit of an anxious feeling, huh?…such as, when someone needs a hand with something or a friend needs someone to bounce off ideas, or, share a story.  Whatever the need is, we have to stop what we are doing and, be of assistance, a guide, a mentor, a friend.

The fact that we’re helping in some of kind way immediately causes the feeling of anxiousness to vanish.  Instead, the immediate feelings of calm, peace and fulfillment flood through our bodies.

When we are there for someone, through having a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, we are creating sparks of light…sparks of love…just what matters…during this ONE life that we live.

This afternoon, while standing out on our driveway, keeping an eye on our guinea kids, the thought came to mind about what if we all just did more of the fun, youthful things that we THINK we don’t have time to do or, is even worth doing…such as, taking off our shoes and running around in the grass for at least twenty minutes or laying out a blanket in the yard and looking up at the clouds.

Do you think that maybe if we “indulge” in childlike behaviors more often, we’ll feel more internally fulfilled, leading to manifesting more opportunities to help others in whatever way, big or small, leading to reaping rewards for being a good samaritan?

Yes!  For sure!

So.  Let’s remember to be internally strong…emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally so we can be available to all (and, with a smile) when these beautiful moments come our way…OKAY?!

Love you, gazillions,



Mark 10:42 – 52     For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

“Lord Jesus, we honor You as the Son of God and Lord of glory who died for all.  Help us to demonstrate Your love to others today.”