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Recipe We’re Trying Today!: White Bean – Miso Spread

Love the versatility, simplicity and flavors of this recipe.  We shall see!

1 15-ounce can white beans (navy, great Northern, or cannellini), drained and rinsed

3 tablespoons mellow white miso paste

2 tablespoons almond butter (optional)

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 teaspoons granulated onion

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

  1.  Add all ingredients to the bowl of a food processor and puree until smooth and creamy.


Campbell, L. (2015). The China Study, Quick and Easy Cookbook. Dallas, Texas: Ben Bella Books.


“This is so scary.” ~today’s Bread

Clap once if you’ve ever experienced a life event that had you tossing and turning, you were frightened as can be, didn’t know what to do.  These life events are scary.  And, then, to factor in how our choices affect others, and their feelings…so much uneasiness…

When “these events” happen, there’s no going back.  These moments are real, make an impact on our present and future lives…and, then…our “ride of a lifetime” takes a turn, and, continues on…to a smoother…calmer…peaceful place…

It’s all part of the deal.  The “deal” of life.  We win some.  We lose some.  We’re high. We’re low.  We’re scared.  We’re happy.  And…everywhere in between.  ;P

The fabulous thing is is that we have Papa by our side every step of the way.  When we’re feeling down, in some way, Papa is sitting right beside us, open and anticipating our words being spoken aloud to Him.  Remember, Papa wants to converse.  He really enjoys making himself known that He is alive, living well and appreciative of us practicing The Golden Rule!  (signs, blessings, miracles)

So, yes.  Like my dad says, “Life is great, but, it sure is hard!”  Yep!  That’s a fact, for sure! The key “ingredient”, I think, is to LOVE God.  Love positive energy.  LOVE karma.  LOVE intimacy (if smart).

Like I’ve said before, let’s ride the wave.  We’ll prepare.  Focus.  Go for the best.  Have fun.  Fall.  Reflect.  Repeat.


‘God offers indescribable, heart-guarding peace that “transcends all understanding” when we present our difficulties to Him in prayer.’

‘We can find hope and help we need to endure situations in which we are really scared.’

I’ve missed you,


Philippians 4:4 – 9     Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

“Dear heavenly Father, when I am afraid, remind me that You hold my hand and give me peace.  I’m grateful that I can lean into Your arms and find help when I’m scared.  You are good to me.”


Let’s Clothe Ourselves!…Today’s Bread.

How does it feel when you put on that brand new outfit, that, ooh, looked and felt soo good when trying it on, you are so confident when getting dressed…and…excited!  It makes us smile, doesn’t it?  🙂

Now, let’s imagine that we have enough “clothes” to last forever, without hardly ever having to repeat, which, then, leads to happiness, confidence, reassurance…

Our attitude toward life, a.k.a, the “clothes” that we wear”, should keep us uplifted since they just feel so good…

Day in and day out…we have enough to last forever.

Since God lives through us, let Him be your clothes that feel g o o D!  Day in, day out, 365 days.  Repeat.  Woo ee, baby!  Let that happiness take flight and confidence to soar.  And, oh!  Watch out for that reassurance,, mm, mm…YOU KNOW WHO :).

“Thank you!”

“Are you proud of me?”

“I’ll learn the lesson of….”

“Apology accepted.  Do carry on.  I Love You.”

Oh, the conversation between two beings.  🙂

With confidence comes strength.  And, boy, oh, boy!  God knows.  We ALL need as much strength that God thinks is fit to give.  We use every last eighth of a droplet, and count our blessings.  We then reflect.  Are there any changes needed to be made?  You know, to grow, and stuff.  lol  😛

Can we just all go back to being a kid, use our wild imagination and pretend like we’re wearing…let’s say ancestral royal clothing…and, let’s pretend that we liked every little bit of it because once all of the pieces were on, you were able to attend a fancy dinner with dancing, and, you felt mawvalus!  And, it wouldn’t even matter if someone tried to take a “dip in your bucket”, tried to dim your light in any way, shape or fashion…because!  You were draped in “majestic clothing“.

Remember:  We’re ridin’ the wave.  With happiness, confidence and reassurance!

Clothe yourself!,



Sweet dreams.


Romans 13:11 – 14     Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Dear Lord, we want to be a reflection of You.  Help us to look more like You each day.  Grow us in godliness, love, joy, and patience.”


Today’s Bread: Every Action Counts!

Gosh.  How many times have we said to ourselves, “Man, I wish I could have a do-over!  (“I’d probably be happier.”)  “If only I did this…or, that.”  But, you know, that’s pretty silly of us.  Perhaps we ought to think of every one of our actions as being important and endures forever.  Do you think we’d think twice before we act, more often?  Probably. It’s kinda like Santa Claus watching us throughout the year…in his magic ball.  Like Santa, Papa is watching.

Remember.  Because we have God, we’re able to do ‘our work’.  Yes.  There are times when things don’t seem to be moving fast enough, or, our year, month, week or day wasn’t as productive as we had anticipated.  It’s a bumber, yes.  But!

When we have the mindset of o.k., God, so, am I passing your test?  Am I handling this “plateau-time-of-my-life” nicely?  What do I need to do to continue moving towards achieving my goal(s)?

In a nutshell, let’s all take accountability for our actions so we can reap the rewards, and, understand how our actions affect others…the BIG and little acTiONs!

I’m thinking, too, that keeping in the forefront of our minds that every action counts, our conscience will turn up a notch, paying more attention to how we respond to life’s occurrences…Conversations with God, conversation with others, conversation with objects.  ;P

What I mean to say is, let’s strive to be our authentic selves.  We ought not beat up ourselves!  We are works in progress.  Our every move counts.  There is always a time for everything.  So, let’s just ride the wave…:)

You holdin’ on?,



Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 14 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

“Lord god, You lead me through the seasons, ans whether I’m laughing or crying I know You are with me.  May I reach out to someone with Your love today.”