Today’s Daily Bread – Give Someone a Reason to Smile

Interesting Facts:  ‘Members of the most effective work groups give one another six times more affirmation than disapproval, disagreement, or sarcasm.  Least productive teams tend to use almost three negative comments for every helpful word.’

In other words ;P, words are powerful.  Ignore the whole, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but, …”.  Words do hurt…if used in a way that could possibly have a lasting negative psychological effect.  But, who wants that?

There is a lot of value in words.  They shape relationships and, determine outcomes.  And, I think that if our hearts are in the Right Place, and, we’re striving to live The Good Life, we naturally will be ‘great encouragers’ and, ‘cheer one another on’, all with the right intentions, of course…to bring out the best in others.

And, in order to do just this, we really ought to practice active listening.  So, when we’re having those conversations with a friend, for example, that really needs someone to talk to because he or she is dealing with something that is causing a stirring of emotions, then, that’s when giving others affirmation, that what they are going through is temporary, that there is a bright side, is key.  This conversation may be just what your friend needed for him/her to move forward.

We also don’t want to be ‘story toppers’.  Let’s be careful to ‘avoid flattery’.

When we stop and take a moment to think about what Jesus endured for us, doesn’t it make it that much easier and, gives us reason to ‘comfort, forgive, inspire, and lovingly challenge one another‘?…in the workplace, at home, in public…anywhere?!

Here’s to giving people a reason to smile!



1 Thess. 5:9 – 28     Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

“Father in heaven, please help us to give others a small taste of the mercy and kindness You are forever offering us.”


What Ignites Your Fire? – Today’s Daily Bread

What are your driving forces that push you to achieve your goals?  Perhaps, we want fame.  Fortune.  Freedom.  Balance.  Or, to learn a new skill/language, check things off our to-do list :P, whatever.  Whatever our goals, what is our motivation, our drive for going after what we want?

Sometimes I think that what drives us isn’t always influenced by The Big Guy.  Instead, we get so fixated on what we want, no matter what, and, unfortunately, ignore the signs that come before us, that clearly showed us that we needed to change directions to ensure a happy ending.

But, when we do things for our own self-glory, to “make a name” for ourselves, we fall short with what we originally had hoped.  It’s true.  Take a minute to think if you know of anyone that went after something.  Was determined.  Stayed persistent.  But, meanwhile, the people that love and care so deeply for them, saw that it wasn’t a good choice, and, to maybe try something a wee bit different.  🙂

Someone very dear to me once said that when we’re undecided about something, and, the people whom we go to to talk with, people we trust, all share the same feelings about the situation, communicating the best option for us, then, that is probably what we would want to go with, as well.  And, vice versa.  Does that make sense?

And, two, “God answers prayers, but, we don’t always get the answers we want.”


But, really.  It’s allll good, because I’d rather know prior than getting knee deep in mud and, then, making it really hard to “get out”. Our hearts have to be ‘fully committed‘ to Him, though.  Period.  Because if our hearts are in the right place, then, we’ll have on our Listening Ears, we’ll pay attention to Him and make adjustments when necessary.

Is your heart in or, is it out?  That is the question.

When we’re obedient, we have peace and love.  Oh, yeah, baby,


1 Kings 8:54 – 63     May he turn our hearts to him to walk in obedience to him.

“Father, give me the desire to obey You and do everything for Your glory.”


What Will Be The Inheritance You Leave Behind? – Today’s Daily Bread

This goes out to all of the fathers, mothers, friends, human beings that have relationships with others…Oh.  Is that all of us?!  So, maybe, we should all pay attention to this?  😛

Today’s Daily Bread is all about keeping our conscience at check, striving to keep our relationships with the people we love and care about strong.

It’s too easy to beat ourselves up, get caught up in our own minds and think to ourselves, ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’.  But, in reality, when we try to put our best foot forward, whatever our best is, it usually is good enough, and, actually does make a difference.

I think what really matters is that the people that we love and care about know that we do.  There should never be that doubt.  Do you think it all boils down to quality versus quantity time spent?

The work travel trips aren’t going away.  The time it takes to dive into a hobby is sufficient, and, isn’t going away, neither.  Nor, should it.  These are just two examples of how someone’s time is utilized, regularly.  This all adds up!  The time we get to spend with our friends and family members is cut short.  But, we shouldn’t feel bad.  Work is necessary.  Making time to do something that “belongs to you” is important.  It does all work out.  Because, if we value the time that we do get to be with our friends and family, we’ll be sure to do our absolute best to make even the 5-10 minutes that we can squeeze in, is awesome…and, memorable, and, filled with joy.  Remember, quality versus quantity.  🙂

We also can’t ignore those “teachable moments”.  If we do our best to ‘correct, comfort, instruct, and provide for the needs of his children’, we’re leaving behind the best inheritance for our loved ones.  Through these ‘acts of kindness’, we are ‘modeling for our loved ones our perfect Father in heaven.’

Now, when we take the time to reflect on our days, would we be able to say that we nourished our relationships and made sure we were there for them emotionally, mentally and physically, even if the time was cut short?…due to all of the juggling that we we do?

Here’s to solid quality time spent with the people we love!

Kisses and hugs,



Proverbs 20:3 – 7     The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for Your faithfulness that I can always count on.  Please help me to live today in a way that leaves behind a legacy of faithfulness and love.”

Health and Wellness

Health and Beauty Tip: 7 Reasons to Drink More Water

Ahhh, the power of water.  After reading the article in Good Housekeeping, written by Lisa Mulcahy, I learned some new things about the importance of drinking H2O.  I’m hoping that we can come together and commit to increasing our daily water intake. Whaddya say?!

Reason number…

  1. Water boosts our mood.  When researchers asked study participants to increase their daily intake from 5 cups to 10 cups per day, they reported feeling calmer and more satisfied with their life after about 5 days.  🙂

2. We may heal faster.  If we get a cut, treat the wound and, then sip 16 ounces of                   water.  Drinking water ‘improves microvascular circulation in our skin – important           for healing – in just 30 minutes.’

3. It can lower our odds of a stroke.  A study conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital                   showed that 44% of people whom suffered a stroke were found to be dehydrated.               Being dehydrated can cause our blood to thicken, making it harder for our blood               to pass through our blood vessels.  Recovery was better for these stroke patients                 when they were hydrated.

4. We won’t ruin our workout.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine,            having water before, during and after our workout can prevent problems such as              heat stroke and painful muscle cramps.

5. It can quiet a headache.  The next time our forehead starts pounding, let’s drink                 anywhere from 1 to 6 cups of water.  We could be pain-free in as little as half and               hour!

6. We’ll drive better.  When we drive dehydrated, we are more likely to make more                 mistakes behind the wheel.  It’s a good idea to sip 16 ounces of water before take-off           and have another 7 ounces every hour we’re on the road.

7. It increases our brainpower.  ‘Even mild dehydration can suppress blood vessels in           our brain.’  ‘This will result in short-term memory problems, poor attention and                 slow reaction times.’

Learn something new?  Hope so!  🙂

Happy agua drinking,