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Who doesn’t like taking care of their skin?  Ladies…we’re getting older…

I love reading beauty and wellness-related literature.  Any opportunity I get, I am picking up the latest magazine from Mother Earth, farmer’s markets, wherever, I am reading it!  So, I would like to share the steps that most people will want to follow if you do not already.  I have included the products that I am currently using, which were found on Amazon and Mother Earth.  Hope this helps!  🙂

  1. Pour a glass of water and squeeze in some lemon juice.  Drink the whole glass right away.
  2. Wash you face.  I use a daily cleanser that also exfoliates.
  3. Spray toner onto a cotton ball and, in circular motions, wipe the cotton ball on your face.
  4. Apply a serum.  I am now using a vitamin c serum.  Let this sink down into your skin for a few minutes.  *If you can, wait 20 minutes before applying your moisturizer. You’ll have a better idea of how much to use.
  5. Moisturize.  I first put on two to three drops of the jojoba oil and then my lotion.
  6. Last, but, probably the most important, SUNSCREEN!  I pump five pumps for my face and three pumps for my neck.
  7. For the body:  Lather coconut oil all over, and, again, SUNSCREEN!  🙂

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March 17, 2017

Good morning, friends!  A little tip: when you are applying pressure on your face, whether you are rubbing your toner with a cotton ball or applying your moisturizer, anytime!, be sure to go inward around your eye area.  This will prevent sagginess.  Also!  Lightly pat inward when you have to get right under the eye.  *Always use your ring finger when applying anything to your face.

See you in the mirror – ha!,



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