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You like practical tips?  You want to be a part of my random mind?

I am committed to staying consistent with my reading an entire book, and, not taking forever to do it!  Point is, I read, a lot.  Mostly free literature…online and magazines, going to the library.  My health and wellness interests have been a part of me, heavily, since my early 20’s.

Whenever I am reading, I always think, wow! that’s good to know.  So, instead of letting good information pass others by, let’s put it on my blog!  If I can reach billions, then, hallelujah!  Miss accomplished.  The Internet and beautiful people sure can be thanked for making it all possible.  🙂

March 14, 2017

O.k!  It sounds like we should all get Type 1 collagen peptides to add to our supplement regimen.  There are Types 1-3, but, to get ‘more bang for your buck’, we’ll want to go with Type 1.

As we age, our bodies become less plump and firm.  Type 1 collagen will delay the aging process by holding onto and building lean muscle.  This, will then, increase your metabolism, which will burn fat and give you more energy.  You’ll end up with a firmer, more curvaceous figure.

*It is more effective at night when our bodies are repairing themselves and building muscle tissue.

Type 1 collagen supports joints, bones and recovery.  Significant improvements can be seen in six months with a high-dose.

Ooh…it also beautifies hair, skin and nails!  With continued use, our skin with be softer, look more hydrated and our tone more even.  Bottom line: more beautilicious!

Wow!  This type collagen provides better sleep AND increases your daytime energy!  Thank you, amino acid, Glycine, for improving sleep when taken at bedtime.  During the day, your liver acts like the peptides are complex carbohydrates, which help stabilize your blood sugar and prevent fatigue, which are associated with blood sugar swings.

Here’s to Type 1 collagen!

I just may get some in the very near future; love and peace,


~:”taste for life”; January 2017

March 20, 2017

What’s up, what’s up!  So, I have two quick tips I’d like to share…

  1. Be sure your splash your face with water at least 10 times after washing it with your daily cleanser.
  2. Before ingesting any kind of carbohydrate (soda, bread, cracker, candy, cookie, etc.), have a bite of your protein first (a nut, a bite of meat, or a spoonful of hummus, etc.).  This apparently keeps your blood sugar from spiking and helps with skin sagginess.

Pleasant day to you,


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