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Our little littles.  

March 15, 2017

A few evenings ago, we were blessed with a knock on the door.  It was our friend from across the street whom decided to pop on over and share his delicious goodness with the Holmes family, once again.

Coming from an extravagant background in the food and hospitality industry, Joel sure knows his chemistry in the kitchen.  So, this particular evening, his family cooked up some full-fleshed lean pot-bellied ribs with an abundant swipe of sweet-yet bold-with-a-slight-tang-sauce on top.

There were four of them.  I had one.  My son had two.  So, there was one left…out spouts Miles, “Hey, are there any more pig legs?  I want another pig leg!”

So stinkin’ cute!  😛

We will be having “pig legs” again.

Silly kid,


March 18, 2017

O.k. so, it’s my son and I lounging in his bed getting ready to go nighty-night, enjoying our quiet time together…

He looks over at me (while on my back) and says, “Mom, you have two babies in your belly. I wonder when they are going to come out?”

My bear bear…I’ll tell you what…lol



March 19, 2017

So, my daughter Anna walks up to me and asks if I want to play?  I wasn’t doing anything, so, I said, yes..  “I’ll be Alice and, you’ll be Pennis the doggie”, Anna says.  “What is his name?”  “Pennis”.  “Ok.  Alice and Pennis.  (giggle)  Woof, woof!”

Why does our mind automatically go there?!  Ha

Life is good,


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