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March 11, 2017


This is quite the intense, thrilling series with three? seasons.  It will keep you on your toes and intensely watching the well thought out scenes to capture and reach the objectives the writer, director, etc. had hoped for, and deliver an extremely , sometimes relate able, dark, love enhanced, beautiful piece of work.  Banshee team should be proud!  Check it out.  But, please, for adult audiences only.  You just may get stimulated.  😛

March 20, 2017

Ooh…I see it’s been awhile since I’ve watched Netflix.  Shame on me!  But, I just finished watching the second half of Begin Again.

A cast that is rich in kindred, organic chemistry…

Keira Knightley     Mark Ruffalo     Adam Levine

You know, I saw the cast, saw the story line, and, said, alright, let’s try this…glad I did.  I agree with the overall rating, 5 stars!

When people meet, it is for a specific purpose.  The purpose may be short-lived, or not, but, it’s for a purpose.  Here you have this middle-aged father, separated, once successful (had just got fired) music producer, Ruffalo, whom stumbles upon this woman on stage strumming her guitar, while harmonizing her words, whose sound perks up his hears and he smiles.  She was good.  Levine, her boyfriend, owns the stage, however, while Knightley remains sitting happily in the background on the couch, watching.

So, low and behold, Ruffalo and Knightley eventually meet, and, at such perfect times of their lives. The unexpected ouch! drives Keira to excite her curiosity and accepts a life-changing invitation.

My friend Jenny once told me, “You know God laughs when you try to plan.”  Should we pay attention to those opportunities that come before us?  Accept an invitation?  Should we go through our days feeling a bit more comfortable, less worrisome, since we know He has our back and the reigns?

Anyway, check this movie out.  Pop yourself some yummy salted olive oil popcorn (organic at Publix – good size, too.)  If you don’t have a popcorn maker, GET YOURSELF ONE!  :p  Walmart is where we got ours.  Good investment.  Not expensive.  Easy to use, clean, and the popcorn is so much better for you this way!

Great film.  It is rated ‘R’.  You may need to cover some ears, but, that’s about it.  🙂






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