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March 15, 2017

Our family’s philosophy is that everything can be used except for our food, so, we have chosen to do the best we can to eat mostly organic and spend only a little extra.  Not only does organic taste better, but, the nutritional value you get from organic versus ‘regular’ surpasses by far!

It does take us having to go to four stores, but, when, you establish a routine, or, the store is in your travels, that is when we’ll pick up what we need from that particular store(s).  It works.

For now, I have this to offer, but, will keep on filling you in with organic shopping deals.  Maybe I’ll inspire you to do the same, at least, somewhat, and, you’ll reap the rewards in more ways than one, and, still have money in your account to rent a movie from Redbox.  😛


We usually just pick up a few things from here.  But, go online, or do a walk-through. Walmart sells a lot of organic products.

carrots – $4.46, 5 lb. bag

mini carrots – $3.48, 2 lb.

celery – $2.96

Great Value canned beans – $0.98

Great Value marinara pasta sauce – $1.96

Great Value tomato basil sauce – $2.28



March 17, 2017

For the week of March 16 – March 23

Organic strawberries…2 for $6.00

Organic Gatorade…4 for $5.00

Gerbers Organic baby food pouches…8 for $10.00

Horizon Organic Sandwich Crackers…2 for $4.00

Mt. Olive Pickles…BOGO!

Nasoya Organic Tofu…2 for $4.00

Organic green beans…$1.99 a lb

Organic baby cut carrots…$1.99

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt…10 for $10.00

March 20, 2017

Today while shopping with my daughter, we stumbled upon two GREAT organic deals!

Organic Broths  – Simply Balanced – $1.99!  I know, right?!

Organic chicken breast, 1 lb – $9.99, take off $4.00!  They’re practically giving it away!

Happy shopping!


March 20, continued…

Ooh.  My husband told me that Wal-Mart carries organic vegetable broth for $1.83.  That’s the cheapest we have found, when compared to Target and Publix.  Right on!



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