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Oh, traveling we will go, oh, traveling we will go!  

March 16, 2017

With you all in mind, I’d like to invite you to get inspired to check out some of the places we’ll be traveling to in the future.  I know this summer, 2017, we’ll be heading up to St. Augustine, Florida; Chesapeake, Virginia; Indiana, Michigan, and who knows where else!

I am a current student at Ashworth College, enrolled in the Travel Agent program.  In six months, or so, I hope to be working in the travel industry. It would be awesome to travel the world and offer my expertise on these distinctive destinations and develop an itinerary that ‘knocks your socks off’, so, you, too, can see the places you didn’t even know existed!

See you in my travels,



If you have an awesome place you’d like the world to know about with hopes to make at least one person to say, ‘hey, I should check out that place’, then, send me an email with your blog and a picture that you took on your adventure.  A “Thank You for Contributing” gift will be sent to you.

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