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Four Men go golfing, the first man says that he will pick up the green fees and meet the rest of them at the first hole.

Down at the first hole one man speaks up and say’s “My son is so rich and so successful, as a new home builder that he gave a friend a new home for free”

The second man, not to be out done said ” My son is a multi line car dealer he is so rich and so successful that he gave a friend 2 Cadillac’s for free”

The third man, said ” My son is in the stock market, he is so rich that he supplied a friend of his a whole stock portfolio for free”

The forth man returns from paying the green fee’s, and the first man said “We are talking about our boys how’s yours doing?”

“Not so well I afraid, turns out he’s gay. However, he must be good, his last three boyfriends gave him a house, 2 cars and a stock portfolio.”

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