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Wow!  Just saw this beautiful piece of work that everyone should see.

How many times have we judged God because life throws us curve balls, and, we get ANGRY at him?  I know I sure have.  We have to remember that He doesn’t “orchestrate” these troubled times.  In fact, He is with us every step of the way, loving us unconditionally, no matter what role we play in the situation.  Sometimes we just have to let it go and forgive…just like our own children.

Become a child again.  Walk with Him…makes life much more enjoyable.  And, when you doubt His love, stop.  He’s the one that loves us the most and will see us through our troubles.

Give yourself two hours and GO SEE IT!  THAT’S AN ORDER!  :p

Much love,


P.S.  Check out the song I posted just now…Alicia Keys…”Work On It”  🙂

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