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Found this earlier today…apologize for the delay…:P

Wow!  Karma in action!  Courtney Connelly, woman whom resides in Cape Cod, MA, and has for years, was blessed with her wallet that was stolen from her eight years ago!

When the police officer arrived at her doorstep, wallet in hand, Courtney was taken back by this act of kindness.  Her social security card, credit cards, driver’s license, the taped fortune that was given by her brother, and $141 were all still in there!  I assume the wallet had been forgotten about when it was originally taken, someone came upon it, maybe while cleaning, and made the honest decision to do the right thing  Whatever it was, it was very noble of him.  The opportunity to give it to police presented itself when he came upon a police car with an open window.  He tossed it in and off he went.

Courtney is enrolled in college.  Her $141, while not a lot, was exactly the amount she needed and is a big help.  “I really hope if anyone can take anything from this: Is not to lose hope in the good things that life has to offer,” said Courtney.

And, there you have it.  Papa saying thank you…doing His wonderful goodness through us…

“No.  Thank You!” 🙂

Pay it forward,


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