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What’s on your bucket list?  Has the thought of going on an African safari entered your mind?  It sure has mine!  And, knowing that this is a very safe, steadily growing tourist destination with a good road system, very few human residents and thrilling outdoor adventures, inquiring about Namibia Caprivi Strip in central Africa will be a surety in the future.

This lush landscape wasn’t always safe.  It was the wars between Namibian freedom fighters and the South African military, that led the Caprivi losing much of its animal population.  Once Caprivi earned their independence in 1990, the wildlife made their way back home.

And, now, here we are, 2017, and, the world is blessed with gobs of God’s beautiful creatures on this African panhandle.  “Its attractions are manifold: copious wildlife, a warren of navigable waterways, several large national parks and very few human residents.”  There are over 700 elephants roaming freely!

That’s another reason why this place sounds appealing…there are no fences.  At any given moment, you could be hanging out, steps from, say, a leopard sunning her/himself at the swimming pool close to your lodge.

For those outdoor enthusiasts…”adrenaline junkies from Windhoek, Namibia’s capital city, are paving the way for jet skiing, sky diving, quad biking and dirt biking”.

Sounds like a definite possibility…

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The sight below is great.  It will provide you with more of the history of the land and its people.

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