An efficient way of producing renewable energy, on a large scale, and stimulate the economy, through extracting pure hydrogen from water?  Wow.  Pretty spectacular.

Thankfully the research team led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Professor Licheng Sun developed a way to keep the costs down and produce fuel using an efficient approach that mimics photosynthesis, “comprising common, abundant elements, all of which could help change the economics of large scale hydrogen fuel production.”

Then, you have the professors from Harvard.  They have co-created a system that uses “solar energy to split water molecules and hydrogen-eating bacteria to produce liquid fuels”…very cost effective…in the long run…

“This is a true A-to-Z system, and we’ve greatly exceeded the efficiency of photosynthesis in nature”, says one of the professors.

Wow.  What a blessing!

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P.S.  Thank you Daniel Nocera and Pamela Silver and everyone…!

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