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I think this is fantastic!  You know,  you have to have fun with the students; keep ’em actively engaged…

Joe Dombrowski, a clever fourth-grade teacher at Royal Oak Elementary School in Michigan, had to give an April Fool’s prank to his students.  Aha!  A pop “spelling test” with made-up words and, little did they know, the majority of them had “silent letters”.

The first word: “blorskee.”

“As in, ‘I lost my blorskee at a carnival,’” he said.  The list goes on and on…

  • Blorskee: “I lost my blorskee at a carnival.”
  • Tangateen: “I eat my spaghetti with a tangateen.”
  • Speekuzslmn: “Look, there’s a speekuzslmn.”
  • Wazamata: “Students said they were sick, I said, ‘Wazamata with you?’”
  • Slipert: “Be careful when you’re sleeping, there might be a slipert in your house.”
  • Chchch: “The horse was angry so I said chchch.”
  • Rol-aska-tox: “Rol-aska-tox was surprised when jinx took the crown.”
  • Speenuch: “My favourite food is speenuch and artichoke dip.”
  • Shabolaskp: “Be careful that you do not catch shabolaskp.”
  • GÜRRR: “My friend told me a secret and I said GÜRRR.”

(man, I wish I would have thought of this; half the fun would be to come up with your own list, but, now, no need to :P)

The kids were dumbfounded!  I can only imagine the looks on their faces…priceless…

Check out the video of this at the bottom of the “Home” page.

So silly,


P.S. I dare ya to start using these “words” when it’s possible.

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