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Daniel 10:1 – 14     Your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.

How many times have we spoke to Papa, hoping that He’ll answer our prayers when WE want them to be answered, yet, end up feeling disappointed when His expected response time isn’t when WE wanted it to be?  And, then, we stray from what God wants for us?

Yep.  Guilty.  But, we can’t do that anymore.  We have to trust that His magnificent work takes work, kneading, perfecting.  Plus!  While our answer may not seem clear at first, Papa continues to ‘talk’ to us, pointing us down the path that will eventually lead to our ‘ultimate’ answer.

But, do we ‘listen’ to Papa?  You know, those ‘signs’ that appear right before our eyes, but, we’re too ‘blind’ to see?

Could we all stand to be a bit more graceful?

“Lord, help me to trust Your care for me even when I can’t see it.”

Let’s be happy,


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