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April the giraffe is due to give birth to her fourth calve at any time!  This lovely lady resides comfortably, with all things considered, in the wonderful Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, rural upstate village 130 miles northwest of New York City.

Morning Keeper’s latest update: (as of Tuesday morning) April is not eating grain. (I’m assuming this is typical pregnant giraffe behavior when they are nearing the end of the pregnancy.)  Her rump is swelling.  April is coming along very nicely, slowly and steadily..

Dave Bartowiak, Jr., writer for, interviewed the private owner of the 200+ animal zoo, Jordan Patch:

“Instead of local or regional, we’re global,” said Cortney Whalen, a spokeswoman for zoo owner Jordan Patch. “It has definitely broadened the general awareness of the park.” Because of the GoFundMe account that was set up by Jordan and the live stream of April, the zoo surpassed their goal, by double!  They prayed for $50,000 and got over &100,000! Very cool!

What a nice story.  Check out the live stream of April the giraffe on  *I worked on getting the live stream on here, but, need additional time to figure it out, if at all possible.  🙂




Here’s a little bit of trivia for ya!

  • April is 15 – her 4th calf
  • Oliver is 5 – his 1st calf
  • The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6′ tall at birth
  • Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months
  • Those “things” on their heads are called ossicones
  • This is Animal Adventure’s first giraffe calf

Live stream:



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