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DSCN3816.JPG             $11.53 on Amazon Prime



Some of us may initially think, wow!  $11.53 for an 11 oz. bottle of shampoo?!  I know, but, isn’t your hair important to you?  Isn’t there a something in your life that you can let go of or cut back on?  You don’t necessarily have to buy this particular product, it’s just one I have been using because sacrificing something that costs $12.00 is very doable.

The ingredients are great.  I’m no expert, but, I know that the other products that are less expensive are filled with ingredients that you have no business of being a part.  😉  There just may be a link to C and thinning of hair because of these less expensive shampoos and their “oh, so great ingredients”…blah, blah, blah.  (Greedy, inhumane phonies.  Sorry.)

How about this?  Treat yourself to one bottle, mention me in your review of the product on Amazon ;p, and see how you like it.  Perhaps,  you’ll be like Mikey, and likey.

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