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You’re sitting cramped, surrounded by your ‘brothers and sisters’ that you’ve never met, anticipating the moment when you hear, “Attention, passengers, the storm has weakened enough to make it safe to take off.”  But, each minute goes by slowly, and you’re trying desperately to stay happy…

Many Delta passengers were delayed due to really bad thunderstorms.  As crummy as that is, Delta decided to put a twist on the crummy situation and chose to lift everyone’s spirits by ‘looking on the bright side’, making the most out of the uncontrollable situation and took control by serving PIZZA!  450 boxes to be exact!  ‘Delta Air Lines saw around 300 flights affected in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio and Kentucky due to raging stormy weather.’  Plus!  The pilot even participated, greeting the passengers and delightfully serving the delicious hot and cheesy goodness.

This isn’t Delta’s first time demonstrating their kind spirit.  ‘Last year, an enormous power cut caused over 2,000 flights to be cancelled and the staff ordered donuts, pizza and free booze for their stranded passengers.’

Remember, we are where we are supposed to be.  Let’s not question it, but, embrace it. Let’s go with it, and let’s figure out a way to feel at peace and happy, no matter what.

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