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Wow! Micro-living sure has gone viral, and, it’s, fabulous!  Thirty-five year old T.K. Devine ‘woke up one day, and, said, “Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves, they need consistency,”  “They need a good night’s rest.”; so, ‘how about we convert porta potties into homes for the homeless!’  (way to think outside the box :P)

The design of these little tots is quite clever.  Each home comes equipped with a fold-up twin bed, kitchen with a mini-fridge and outdoor shower unit.  The recycled water irrigates a top-level garden which is by the solar panels that power the home.

It’s mobile, too!  It just rests on a trailer, so any residential property would be suitable for these little guys.  Hook-up is a breeze…only a water hose is needed.  S i i i mple.

T.K. Devine, founder of Porta Homes, has his very own, and, he wants to share his experiences living in one of these for one year, traveling all around Los Angeles!  He’ll be documenting the experience online at his website.

Devine would love to be able to send all donations to homeless charities.  Way to look out, Mr. Devine.

Would these be good for hunters, fishermen and campers, too?  😛

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