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Oh, my son and his five-year-old self…

After learning about money in school…

Mom: “Who is on the dollar bill?”

Seconds go by with a pondering look on his face…

Son: “Uncle Bill.”  (with the most serious look on his face).

This was particularly funny because he knows who is on the dollar bill AND!  He has an Uncle Bill.

Witty.  🙂

A couple of days go by…and, asked again…

Mom: “Buster, who is on the dollar bill?”

Son: (seconds go by)…”Jawrgee.” (say it out loud with a NY accent :P)

LOVE him!  Did you smile?

For those parents, grandparents and teachers of young children…Would you like to share something cute that you’ve heard from the little kiddos of the world?  Please share!

Kisses to you,


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