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Baltimore school, Robert W. Coleman Elementary, has decided to take a different approach to kids whom are misbehaving.  Instead of the usual detention, suspension, and, often expulsions, which only lead to a continuum of a crummy lifestyle, crushing Papa’s spirits, principal Carlillian Thompson agreed to this lovely idea and has taken a leap of faith on this new approach for discipline.

There are two programs available, daily.  During school hours and after.  Both focus on yoga and meditation strategies and how they connect with a healthy happy lifestyle approach.  After their “Mindful Moment” (during school hours club name), they return back to class with focus, peace and a bag full of “tools” to help them get through and make respectful choices.  The after-school program, called Holistic Me, is also available.

‘The program was founded in 2001 by brothers Atman and Ali Smith and their friend Andres Gonzalez.  The foundation has rapidly expanded since 2015, receiving federal funding and delivering programs to Charlottesville, Minneapolis, Madison, and abroad.’

Baltimore’s Patterson High has adopted a 15-minute yoga and mindfulness practice at the beginning and end of each day for every one of its students. Way to go!

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