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John 20:24 – 31     These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

Does the thought of opening up the Bible terrify and/or intimidate you?  You wouldn’t know where to begin?  Is there a suggested way to ‘travel’ through?  Will I understand it? When do I have time to read?  Am I alone?

Maybe.  Just maybe, most likely, most definitely, we can keep Papa’s Word on our toilet seat, or wherever, and, we’ll challenge ourselves to commit to opening up the Book, to any page, at every opportunity ;p, and read.  Then!  If one or more of the verses that we read captivate and move us, we’ll write down the book and verse number with the jest of it right beside.  Over time, we’ll have a list of our favorite verses that we can refer back to and use as ‘power’ and strength to overcome our ‘burps’ that will continue to come our way.  Our loyalty in our faith will show to give us that ‘teddy-bear comfort’ that we all desire, more times than others.

You up for it?  I am!

Let’s start small.  We’ll take five minutes (and, increase over time, perhaps) of our day, every day and see what Papa has to say through others.

“Lord, may the record of Your life be written on our minds and hearts so that we may have ever-increasing faith in You.”

Sunday.  Rest day.  Oh, yay!  🙂



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