This was found quickly tonight.  How sweet…

High-school sweethearts, and prom couple, Joyce Kevorkian and Jim Bowman have reconnected after 53 wonderful, life-fulfilling years with their spouses that passed around the same time.

Now, at the age of 81, they have reconnected and have decided to spend their remaining years together, committed.  How cute is that?!

These two were in love, but, their destinies led them in different directions.  Joyce attended Lawrence University in Wisconsin and Jim went to Iowa State University.

Both of their lives were rich with love.  They each married, had children and grandchildren…life was good for Joyce and Jim.

Sadly, Joyce’s husband suffered a stroke and passed, right around the same time that Jim’s wife, whom lived with Alzheimer’s passed.  “She didn’t handle it well — they were each other’s world,” said Joyce’s granddaughter, Anna Harris, 21. “A big part of her life was gone.”

Upon receiving a letter from Jim, whom was organizing a high school reunion, and, wanted to reach out, Joyce replied, saying that it would be nice to see him.  From that moment on, they talked every night on the phone.

“I could tell her mindset had shifted and she was herself again,” Anna recalled. “My grandmother had connected with somebody again.”


Here’s to living happily ever after,


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