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Isaiah 53:1 – 8     Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering.

If anyone can understand the frustrations, aggravations, disappointments, extremely-stressful-situations better than ourselves, it’s good ‘ole Jesus.  Heard of the guy? Remember, He was the one that was ‘oppressed and afflicted…led like a lamb to the slaughter’, to save us from our sins.  But, He knew he was going to be around to witness his ‘offspring and prolong his days’.  His spirit is still very much present.  Since, after all, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, think about it…

So, one of your brother’s, Jesus, is here with us each and every day, talking to us (hopefully, we’re listening), carrying us through…

Yeah.  Life is weird.  Let’s all be weird together!  Meanwhile, Papa looks down upon us, rolls his eyes, puts us in time out, but, continues to give us hugs, regardless.  Way neato katreato!

“Lord, we give thanks for Your knowledge of our circumstances and your care for us.  Today we want to walk with You and honor You in all we do.”

Thank you for all that positive energy, ‘bro’!




Hope your Easter rocks the house.

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