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Birthday Boy

A man goes into a fish’n chip shop with a salmon under his arm and asks, ‘Do you sell fish cakes here?’

‘No,’ came the reply.

‘Shame, it’s his birthday.’

The Two Ushers

Six-year-old Angie and her four-year-old brother Joel were sitting together in church.
Joel giggled, sang, and talked out loud. Finally, his big sister had had enough. ‘You’re not supposed to talk out loud in church.’  ‘Why? Who’s going to stop me?’ Joel asked.
Angie pointed to the back of the church and said, ‘See those two men standing by the door?
They’re hushers.’

Way cute, on this fine Wednesday…

Two, mO…

Ha!  Get it?  No pun intended.

And, for my son…

Those are just too silly!  Perfect for today…lol

Please excuse me, time to go P, P,


Lisa 😛


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