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Genesis 12:1 – 9     The Lord had said to Abram, “Go…to the land I will show you.”

How many of us like to have control over the situation at hand?  It makes us feel uneasy when we are not holding onto the reigns because we  need  to  know  everything  about  every  given  moment  of  our  lives.

But, do we?  I guess that’s where faith comes in to play.  What if, tomorrow, when those unexpected moments pop up, that we hadn’t planned, or had control over, we ‘went with it’?  Went with the flow?  And smiled?  Smirked?  “What’s the reason, Sir?”

When we bring it back to simpler terms, we are where we are supposed to me, at any given moment, so, why go against nature?

The key, for me, is talkeeeng to Him.  Out loud.

And.  Then.  Listening.  Truly listening.  (slow the *$#& down)

Then, it’s all about the faith.  No worries

“Help me, Lord, to trust You with the uncertainty in my life.”

Your my kibbles and bits,


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