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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Monday, a challenge to religiously apply a mask to your face begins!  Are you up for the challenge?

I’m only one week ahead.  My ‘first impression’ of the below product was, “Alright.  This is silky smooth, leaves no residue, feels refreshing.  I’m glad I got it.”

So, hey, whaddya say, are you like me and used to use a mask regularly, but, then, over time, it fell by the waste side?  Will this be your first time?…It’s lovely.  Your skin improves.

It all started when I glared at my skin in the bathroom with the SUNLIGHT lights.  There is no hiding in that bathroom.  Those dark spots hit me right in the face!  Ew.  Gross!  I shall let these guys take over my nose!  Off I went a searching and stumbled upon Sky Organics!

So, here we are.  Go take a look in a mirror.  Do you suffer from black heads?  Well, try the Dead Sea Mud Mask, or something of the sort.  Whatever mask suits your skin type, just do it!  😛



Amazon Prime $14.95 ~2 days, free shipping


Here’s to getting dirty,

Lisa 😛

P.S. Let’s start a weekly chat.  Please share your masking experiences with the world.  I will do the same!  Love you, bunches.

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