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Earth Day is April 22.  Wouldn’t it be super cool, if, we all pledged to plant something, ANYTHING.  It could be ONE thing.  And, actually did it?  

Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart.  My last stop was the garden center.  Soil choosing?  Easy peezy.  Flower seed choosing?  Not so much.  At least for me, the one with minimal experience in gardening (but, has almost become an obsession).  It took quite a bit of time choosing these guys.  You have to take into account color, height…

So.  I thought I’d share what I chose to plant.  They’re pretty.  You may want to do the same.  Or, get motivated to figure out what you will plant on Earth Day!  😛

Love you.

Happy planting,



Look at the growing heights.  Reading from the left to the right, they increase in height. So, the snapdragons would be in the inner circle, going around a tree, or placed in the back, and so forth.

Start with this and work your way outward or forward.  Make sense?  Let me know if you have a question or if you’re one of the experienced ones and you have some insight to share about my choosing or extra gardening tips…that would be super cool.





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