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Hopefully by now you know that I am in this for the long haul and loving every minute of it!  But, my body is lacking sleep.  I’m staying up way too late…so, here are some changes being made with my schedule…

The Daily Bread will always be posted first thing in the morning, but, please allow some flexibility with the other two posts, Daily Ha-Ha’s and Happy Headline News.  I can guarantee that they will be posted in the morning.  As far as when exactly?  Don’t quite have that narrowed down, yet.  This all being said, I will try my best, however, to have my usual three posted first thing in the morning, that is, if, I find little windows of opportunities throughout the day, with my little ones.  😉  It’s all about what my body is telling me, you know?…Love you.  😉

So, please, if you have a minute, check back in throughout the day, for sure in the morning a couple of times, if you can, if you don’t see all three…                                                And, then, of course, another post might appear that is to your very liking.  🙂  One or two or three that fits in to one of the blissful categories.  🙂

Speaking of which, my plan is to post my recipe of vegan shepherd’s pie.  So deelish.




Thank you for understanding.  Good night.  Muaw!

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