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This is a short and sweet one tonight…

Take some moments to look at all of your pennies and see if the year 1943 appears on any.  If so, your penny could very well be a copper wheat penny and worth $85,000 at auction.

The reason being?  They are rare.  And, these pennies were intended to be made using only steel for remembrance of World War II.  But!  Steel and copper plates mixed, minted, and, out came these pennies.

If you have a ‘winner’, confirm that it is real.  Look closely at the “3” in the 194″3″.  The 8 may have been filed down.  Also!  If the penny sticks to a magnet, you will then know that it is fake.  Copper is not magnetic.

Here’s to happy hoping!



Please let us know if you come across one.  🙂

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