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Do you cleanse?  Have you tried it once or twice and that’s it (like me)?  Do you have an interest in wanting to learn more (like me)?

Well, I don’t know much, but, I do know that I love you, so, I’ll share the two cleanses that I have done…:)

DSCN3947.JPG You want to drink this in the morning and at night.

$7.29 on Amazon (get the organic one)

All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder - "Living Clay®" (455 Grams - 16 Oz)    This is bentonite clay powder.  I haven’t used                                                                                 this particular product, but, I have cleansed with                                                                           bentonite.

$19.42 on Amazon


There are so many cleanses that I would like to learn about more, and, I’d be happy to share any of your successful experiences right here on my blog, if you’d like…:)

My doc says it’s wise to cleanse seasonally, for two weeks, and, for each time you cleanse, try a different one.  So, if you’re interested, you could go with these two for spring and summer.  No more thinking needed for awhile.  😉

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