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The title is partially true.  It does hurt when people aren’t nice to you.  You wonder why is this even happening right now?  Where is the love?

But, you know whom doesn’t name call?  Whom always has your back?  That’s right.  Yours Truly.  So, yes, it does hurt when people aren’t the nicest, but, we’re not alone.  Let’s seek His companionship, His support, His guidance.  He’s loyal.

Bottom line?  When in despair, talk to “the air”…lol.  But, seriously, do it!


Psalm 4:1 – 8     Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself.

“Father in heaven, the words of others can wound us deeply.  Your words to us heal and comfort, and You assure us that we are loved forever.”

Love and peace,


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