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If God is the Almighty, then why does He allow pain and suffering to be endured in the lives of the people we know and love?  Or, what about when we’re watching the news and the stories bring sadness to your heart…why does He have innocent people get hurt?

He doesn’t want these things to happen.  Unfortunately, our world is a big ball of good and bad.  People’s actions and spoken words are constantly working in their favor…or, not…  And, without knowing, we sometimes cross paths with those that are experiencing their natural consequences for their actions, a.k.a., karma in the works.

It’s up to us to remain strong in our faith when the negativity pierces through our “faith bubble”, and, always remember that God doesn’t orchestrate the darkness.  He’s the light.  We are on the same team.

Judges 6:11 – 16,24     Go with the strength you have….I will be with you.

God gives us hope for the future; we can rely on His strength when we are weak.

Staying strong in my faith and grumbling at the darkness,

Lisa    xxoo

P.S.                                                                                                                                                              What energies are you putting out into the universe?

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