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Now, now, we shouldn’t say ‘stupid’…

Patient: Doctor, you’ve got to help me.  Some mornings I wake up and think I’m Donald Duck, other mornings I think I’m Mickey Mouse.                                                                                Doctor: Hmm, and how long have you been having these Disney spells?


Just warmin’ up…

Doctor: Sir, how did you happen to break your leg?                                                                            Patient: Well, Doctor, it was like this.  Twenty-five years ago, I was on the road and it got dark and…                                                                                                                                              Doctor: Never mind that.  Tell me how you broke your leg this morning.                                Patient: Well, twenty-five years ago, I was on the road and it got dark, and I needed a place to stay.  There was only this one farmhouse near, so I knocked on the door and the farmer answered.  I told him my situation, and he said, “Well, you can stay here, but you’ll have to share a room with my beautiful daughter.”  I said that would be okay, and I went up and crawled into bed.  She was already asleep, and that night, right after I’d gone to sleep, she woke me up and asked me if there was anything I wanted.  I said no, everything was fine.  She said, “Are you sure?”  I said, “I’m sure.”  She said, “Isn’t there anything I can do for you?”  I said, “I reckon not.”                                                                               Doctor: What does this have to do with your broken leg?                                                             Patient: Well, this morning, it dawned on me what she meant by that, and I fell off the roof!

Aw, shucks.  lol

Hope your day is going well,


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