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How many of us don’t always make the very best choices?  Yah!  We all do.  And, when we do, feelings such as worry, guilt, loneliness may completely enthrall us.  But, you know what?  Papa sees this.  And, the last thing He’s doing is turning His back towards us because of the darkness that has entered ‘our world’.  Instead, He is purposefully keeping a close eye on us because He knows that, during these murky times, we need someone to ‘rinse us off’.  To forgive us.  To love us.  To give us the support we need to help us move forward and grow.

Jacob, from the Old Testament, was feeling alone.  He ran away from his older brother, whom was trying to kill him because he stole the family blessing that normally went to the firstborn son.  He was in a dark, lonely state.  But, like Jacob, who had the dream of a staircase joining heaven and earth, we have signs that appear before us… all the time.

Now, all we need to do is pay attention to them…Light (positivity) in our dreams, a pleasant, fulfilling conversation with a stranger…what have been some of the signs that have presented themselves to you, that you can recall?  Big or little?

I think the key is to have faith and learn to find peace within ourselves when the craziness comes our way.  I had a heartfelt, uplifting conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday.  We strongly believe that whatever comes our way, the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s what is supposed to be happening at the time.  So, while we may not always understand why it’s happening, we try to be at peace with whatever comes our way and let nature take its course.  

Another wonderful point that was brought up in our conversation is to take time for yourself, first thing, at the start of your day, to be one with Him.  That could be the cup of mojo that you enjoy, alone, or a nice walk outside, alone.  Whatever!  Just do it!

Let’s find peace within ourselves so we can accept those yucky times when they come our way.

Genesis 28:10 – 17     Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.

“Father, thank You for using the story of Jacob to show us that the glory of Your unseen presence and goodness is far greater than we could imagine.”

Love you, lots,


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