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You ever talk out loud to Him?  Have a little conversation(s) throughout the day?  How about when something great happens that brings you joy…do you say out loud thank you?

Papa loves it when you talk with Him.  It acknowledges your need for Him, just like how your parents enjoy being spoken with, whether they are here or there, they still like to converse.  Plus!  There is so much power in prayer, especially when He can hear your voice.  Again, it’s all about the energy transfer.

My husband, friends and relatives giggle when I say aloud, “I cancel that.  (this is what is going to happen…).  It’s just a matter of retraining our brain to say out loud what we want the outcome to be, rather than what we do not want.  For example, most of us would say something like “Tie your shoes.  I don’t want you to fall.”  Whereas, we should say something along the lines of “Tie your shoes, honey, so you can stay walking nicely.”  Probably not the best example, but, hopefully, you got my point.  😛

Bottom line:  Let’s pray daily, out loud, alone or with a group, to show our appreciation and gratitude for our loving Father and to reach out spiritually to help others that are in need through our powerful words.  And, two, let’s try real hard to leave out the words, “don’t”, “I do not want…”.  The universe only hears the words after…

Anyway, life is pretty exciting.  Especially when we feel connected to it.

  • so many times I get rock star parking
  • desired material items present themselves shortly after the universe heard it from me.  And, at a good price!
  • lost items usually reappear


Psalm 102:1 – 17     He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea.

“Teach me to be aware of Your presence, Lord, and to talk to You freely and often.”




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