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Aren’t we hesitant to reach out and help the someone(s) whom hasn’t always been the nicest to you?  I would think, of course!  Most of us fit into this category.  Do you think we should stay there or transition over into the other, the one that offers forgiveness, the one that will free us to enjoy God’s undeserved gift of mercy, as we invite Him to accomplish beautiful works of peace-restoring grace in our lives and our relationships‘?

This hits home for all of us.  We’re human.  We make mistakes.  We say things we shouldn’t.  We do things we shouldn’t.  And, as much as we want to turn our backs on the ones that hurt us, when they need someone, and, it’s obvious to us that a hug or someone to talk to would give them the comfort that would heal them, we’d better swallow our pride, think about Jesus’s sacrifice for us and be a good brother or sister.

You know how many times my husband forgives me and vice versa?  It’s a lifelong partnership that relies on each other to remain strong individually so the family does, as well.  We must forgive in order to make everything work well.  Same goes for your family members, as much as they piss us off (excuse me), hurt us, we always reach out to help, no matter what.

Well, friendly reminder:  We are all God’s children.  We all share the same Papa.  So there.  First of all, let’s all try our darnedest to practice the Golden Rule at all times.  Yeah.  O.k.  But, we’re human.  And, we’ll continue to sin.  But, you better, gosh darn it, be there for someone that obviously needs some comfort.  Swallow your pride and be a good sibling.  You’ll be glad you did.

We must embrace all light opportunities.


Lisa xxoo

Matthew 18:23 – 35     Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

“Lord, help us give our grievances to You so that You may turn them into something good.  Make us ready to forgive completely and earnestly.  Give us Your spirit of unity.”

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