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Upon returning from up north, I am so buying one of each, or something like that!  😛

  1. aloe vera

great for treating minor cuts and sunburns; grow by a sunny window in well-                     drained soil that is slightly dry; rids the air of formaldehyde

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2. spider plant

thrives in medium to light shade and moist air; great for hanging baskets;                             decreases carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels, as well as ethyl-                               benzene and formaldehyde

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3. Boston fern

attractive in hanging baskets; super easy to grow; keep in fairly rich, well-                             drained soil in bright, filtered light; these are in the best class of plants for                             removing formaldehyde

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4. peace lily

have pretty white spathes and glossy leaves; favor well-drained soil and filtered                 light; purifies the toxins benzene and trichloroethylene

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5. snake plant

hard to kill; prefer well-drained soil with bright to indirect light; most effective at               removing toluene from the air

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Let me know what you decide.  🙂



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