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We’re here for only so long.

We can ask God to ‘number our days so we can make wise decisions and to make our brief lives fruitful by making what we do for Him count‘.

Just like the image above states, living a fruitful life means giving to charity, being hospitable and making sacrifices.  We can do this, there’s no doubt, but, Lord, knows that sometimes we get so caught up in our every day go, go, go that, at the end of the day, how fruitful were we?

Because I took a leave of absence from teaching,  we were unable to donate to our usual charities.  And, while that was a bumber, we still were able to give in our doable ways…through donations and reaching out to those we love.  Anyone can be charitable…

We really enjoy having our friends and family over.  Do we get a chance to have a shindig often?  No.  But, that’s o.k.  We welcome with an open heart my mom and her friend weekly.  This gives us an opportunity to catch up and make memories…, for an example.

If you’re a parent of a homosapian :p or a pet, just as two examples, we know that personal sacrifices are made.  Such as, having to return home at a certain time to walk and feed them.  Or, take them to get beautified instead of getting yourself a brand new outfit.  Or, running around outside when the thought of being horizontal is just what your body is crying out😜.  We make these sacrifices because we love them.  Pushing aside what we want to bring happiness for another being will always bring on joy.

So, with all that said, here are just some ideas on how we can live a more fruitful life…

  • cookie exchanges with your neighbors for the holidays
  • simplify and donate
  • visit with friends instead of clean 😛

Psalm 90     Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

We are mortal.  Some things to think about…

What legacy will you leave behind?  Keeping the faith will set us apart.  We don’t know when it’s our time…so, how do you choose to spend your d a y s?

Here’s to being fruitful!



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