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Oh, all of the unknowns!  Just what are we going to do?  How are we going to function if we don’t know what’s in store for us?  Do we spend large chunks of our days worrying about the unknown?  Do we take the “road less traveled”, or, no, because we’re afraid? Let’s not let fear stop us!

Some of us only feel comfortable going about their days very regimented, very thought out and well-planned.  This brings upon the most productivity and a great way to stay organized.  So, I get it, but, to a point.

Then, we have those days that we spend hours upon hours worrying about the ‘what-if’s’. This especially holds true when nothing seems to be going right, in our eyes, and, our emotions take over and we end up creating a downward spiral of flustered thoughts, feeling like we can’t seem to get a grip on life.

Or, we allow fear to dominate our minds, leaving us paralyzed, not taking a leap of faith and, not doing what we would really rather be doing.  We go with what already brings us comfort, the known.  “That’s one less thing to worry about”.  So, we stay right where we are, complacent.

But, aren’t these things so silly?

Here are some random thoughts that may help resolve these sillies:

  • go on an adventure instead of doing laundry, if you had to choose 😉
  • have a pajama day and eat whatever you have – no grocery visit
  • breathe to calm those anxious moments
  • talk to Him, out loud
  • think about all of the positives
  • keep your eye on the light
  • there’s always light
  • He’s got your back
  • let Papa know, out loud, what you would like to see happen for yourself and loved ones (let’s watch our wording, remember)
  • listen to what He has to say and, roll with it
  • we obey, we’ll reap the rewards, the big and the little stuff
  • keep the Faith
  • there’s always a bright side
  • take that road less traveled if it feels like He has lead you there.


Let’s shine so bright,

~Lisa                                                                                                                                                           P.S.                                                                                                                                                             Please, with sugar on top, email follow me, above.  There is good stuff to come, and, I         would love for you to be a part of this journey…to build a community full of people that     love life, and, are human.  Won’t you join us!?

Joshua 1:1     The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

“Lord, thank You for being near me even when I cannot see You.  Please comfort me with Your presence.”

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