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It makes sense to have a variety.  I just didn’t, always.  I would usually stick with one for each one of the steps in our beauty regimen, and, use them all up before I went back to the store or shopped online to refill.

But, now, after talking with my wonderful cousin, I got inspired to give myself a treat and went and bought several more, particularly, serum, with a few other products.  So, here they are…

We’ll start with the cleanser…


I love this cleanser!  I love that it’s real gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.  For someone that has combination to dry skin, like me, a cleansing milk, is a good choice.

On to the serums…


This one I have been putting on in the morning.  I like that it brightens and protects.


I apologize about the clarity of this picture.  This one is a recovery serum.  So, if you feel like your skin needs a little bit of extra goodness…it appears dull and, maybe dry, this is a good option.  It’s also great that it’s for all skin types.


This one grabbed my attention because it has collagen…the ingredient that helps keep our skin plumped, tight, less wrinkled…Again, overall, the ingredients are great.


Hydrating throughout the day is a great practice to get into, if you are like me and need it!  Love this one, too!


This mask is wonderful.  It’s hydrating, which, can be done at another time during the week…different day than the day of the mud mask.

Maybe, you, too, would want to try some of these.  I went with them because I liked the ingredients, and, they all seem to do something different for the skin. So, we just have to pay attention to what our skin is doing and, give it what it needs at the time.

Just a friendly reminder…

This is a good step-by-step daily skincare regimen that fits for most, if not all.

  1. cleanse
  2. mask or no mask, exfoliate or don’t
  3. tone with a cotton ball
  4. serum
  5. a few drops of facial oil
  6. moisturize
  7. sunscreen

That will be all, for now!

Love and peace,


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