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Where do your seeds fall?

We have a choice, don’t we?  Do we want our seeds to fall on a ‘hard path, rocky ground or clumps of thorns’?  Of course we don’t.  And, all I mean is to let’s reflect on how we spend our days…do we want to be rays of sunshine or mushes of darkness…for ourselves and others?

I’m sure we can all agree we want the former.  It all ties in with what do we want to leave behind when we go to another dimension.  For me, this puts a “fire” to my tushy and, motivates me to go on rockin’ out in this one life we live.

I have a confession to make.  I have not been opening up the Bible and reading at random places, with hopes to learn some verses and share them naturally, and subtly, with others, you know, submersed in conversations…:P  but, on the bright side, we get to submerse ourselves in the Daily Bread.  🙂

The point is, is that anyone can plant seeds in good soil.  Churchgoer or not.  Bible versed, or vice versa :P.  We can all plant seeds of kindness, of love, patience, forgiveness, loyalty, faithfulness…just to name a few.  😉

Not only are we radiating light when we are these ways, we are living in anticipation of the good that is to come ahead…the harvest that we’ll reap because of our radiating beams.  It’s all super cool!  Papa shows His love all of the time, in little ways and presents opportunities right before eyes…all of the time.  These “paths” will lead to our harvest.

So, bottom line: let’s be happy.  There’s too much goodness not to be.  Plus!  It’s a win win for everyone, even for generations to come…

Leave light, please.  I’m doing my best to do the same!

Matthew 13:1 – 9     The seed falling on good soil…produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.

“Lord, today I want my life to sow good seeds in those around me.  Help me to give out what you have put into me.”



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