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For me, it was the ‘Papa’ and ‘brothers and sisters’ that got me…from the movie The Shack (a must see).  Another way to approach our interactions with others is to treat everyone as if they are our friends.  I know, darn well, that I would never name call my best friend or not include her on the invite list to a gathering hosted by us, as two examples.  What would happen if we “traveled” through life with either one of these reminders?  …that we’re brothers, sisters and friends.

Well, o.k.  But!…We bicker with our brothers and sisters.  So…does that justify fights, name calling, getting even?  I don’t think so!  Where does this get anyone?  Do we get the result in which we hoping?  You know the answer.  Plus!  Think about all of the love and support that is shared, the true friendship that is shared between our siblings (or, should be).  Let this be our motivator to get pumped for the following challenge:

What if we all woke up tomorrow (you can start now, however ; P) and pledged to be a true friend to everyone, at all times?  Could we do it?  Just think about all of the positive energy transfers… And, it’s just a matter of giving encouraging words and praying with others…

Think back to a time when you were feeling really down in the dumps, for this reason and that reason…but, because of these simple and natural interactions, our souls naturally were “nourished and refreshed”…Just what we all need, regularly, during these dark times. Otherwise, we’ll be trying to do life on ’empty’.

Plus!  When we give encouraging words and pray with and for others, we lead our friends to the ‘throne of grace’…the place that gives us peace…to let Papa take the reigns while we stay calm and breathe.  ;P

Genesis 14:17 – 24     Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine.

“Jesus, teach us to be a friend of people as You are with us.  Give us eyes to see others and their needs and to take the time to listen.  Help us to take them to You, the source of life.”

Love you bunches.  Pleasant day to you,


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