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I know.  We all try to live the good life.  But, you know, folks, we’re human.  And, for some of us lying, cheating, manipulating, stealing, others, were and, still a part of some of our lives.  Yes, He frowns upon that, and, feels disappointed, but, He doesn’t give up on us.

Nope.  There’s always that opportunity to let the good enter our lives.  Just like with our own parent(s), we try to please, but, we’re not perfect.  We rebel.  We say to ourselves, “Oh, noone is watching.  I’ll be able to get away with this.”  But, we don’t, eventually.  We may not be completely transparent through technology, but, isn’t Someone always watching?  Knows your every move?  What kinds of “boomerang affects” do you want for your life?

We have to just keep plugging along, knowing that we’re starting on a clean slate once we can conscientiously admit, accept and take responsibility for our actions…our wrongdoings.  If we don’t, we’ll be like withering lettuce leaves, thirsting for water, but, never seem to find any (no positives in our world).  However, when we learn from our mistakes, grow from them, then, that’s when the goodness presents itself.  And, whom doesn’t want that?

Just like plants need water to live, our souls need to be refilled with love, gratitude, peace…’restored, renewed, cleansed and set free’.

And, we can’t let those that live “in the dark” to get to us.  We must forgive, as hard as that is, sometimes, because, when we do, we are “set free”.  It is at the time of forgiveness that allows us to put more energy towards someone or something that enjoy being a “bucket filler” in our lives (someone that brings joy into your life), rather than a “bucket dipper” (one that sucks the positivity right out of ya).  We just don’t “got time for dat”!

Let’s try to remove our filthy rags, so we can wear Majestic garments, instead!



Zechariah 3     See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put fine garments on you.

“Lord Jesus, through Your saving death on the cross we can find acceptance and love.  May we receive this gift for Your glory.”

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