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Isn’t it true that energy cannot be created nor destroyed?  So, wouldn’t you think that when we pass, our energy then flutters around like a beautiful butterfly?  Or, on the other hand (sad to think of this), a fleeting cockroach that nobody likes?  What kind of energy do we want to pass on to our world, when we switch over into another dimension?

It’s pretty easy, really, to ensure that we will be “fluttering butterflies” in our next life, for future lives if we just consistently practice The Golden Rule…’treat people the way you want to be treated’, and, then, this way, His works in our lives will be witnessed by the people we spend our day-to-day life, in passing, people we haven’t yet met…

People whom struggle with putting light out into the world may actually get inspired to make some big changes in their lives when they see how “normal” people like you and I are living a fruitful life.  And, I don’t even currently go to Church, know the Bible that much, at all.  I just know there’s love and hate.  It’s black and white.  And, I choose love.

Not only does walking in faith help us live fruitfully, we’re also preparing future generations to also live the good life…the good roller-coaster-life ;).  Maybe if we approached being a living testament as being a wonderful privilege and our responsibility to enlighten…to humbly speak of and show the results of positive thinking and believing, even when, and, especially when, all you want to do is crawl up into your bed and hide.

Here’s to leaving a lit up legacy!

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Psalm 78:1 – 8     We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonder he has done.

“Father in heaven, we seek Your wisdom and guidance to prepare the children we know and love to walk with You in faith.”

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