The morning began with an interesting story.  A frog got caught in the pool skimmer (the sucky thing in the pool) and traveled through to the basket and on to the pump.  My husband freaked, naturally, but, was determined to save his life.  And, he did.  You would have done the same thing, right?

Thankfully, because of God, we have a conscious.  The conscious that speaks to us, telling us what we should do even when nobody is watching, the choice that leaves Papa feeling happy, satisfied, proud.  There was happy communication going on when my husband was put into that situation.

It’s when we seek Him only when we need something or when we feel like our friends can provide more than Him, so we stray, or, when we seek justice and, we feel like the ‘kindhearted grandfather’ just wouldn’t understand, so, we reject Papa.

Papa has a lot of children.  And, in order to be able to be there for each and every one of us, He has to be strong.  He wasn’t born yesterday, either.  He knows what we face regularly…so, with his suit of armor, He comes on full-fledged, ready to take on any adversity that may get in our way.

And, Papa will let us know when He’s disappointed.  That’s just another way of saying, that’s your karma for ya…(we do it to ourselves).  Let’s just aim and strive to always receive the good kind.  😛

It’s simple things that will keep Him happy, and, yourself happy, for that matter…

  • Do “The Frozen”, and, let it go…let God take the reigns and, only do what is in YOUR CONTROL.  If ya can’t control it, let Him handle it, and have faith that it will work out for the best!
  • Treat Him as having another dad…communicate and respect one another.

Pretty simple, huh?

Here’s to growing in our faith,


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Exodus 34:1 – 9     The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion.  Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished.

“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I worship You.  You are holy, just, kind and loving.  You are God alone.”

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