Deuteronomy 32:1 – 12     He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye.

This metaphor, along with others, such as, God as a ‘laboring mother or as a beekeeper’, should be a reminder to us that God is the good in this world.  Period.  I like that.  God is the GOOD.  Catchy.

Watching the movie, The Shack, certainly clears up any uncertainties about God, his intentions and living a life in faith.

But, back to God ‘guarding us as the apple of His eye’…this is coming straight from the “Our Daily Bread” book because it needs to be read…it’s just so good…

A boy by the name of Ryley translated the word apple, which means pupil, and, took it a step further with his own interpretation…

‘What encircles and guards the pupil?  The eyelid, of course!  God is like the eyelid, which instinctively protects the tender eye.  The eyelid guards the eye from danger, and by blinking helps remove dirt or dust.  It keeps sweat out of the eye.  It lubricates the eyeball, keeping it healthy.  It closes, allowing rest.’

Isn’t this a great way to remember Him?  To thank Him for His protection?

It’s the energy transfer between all beings and things.  Let’s be sure we to continuously send out goodness (love, gratitude…) bouncing here, there, everywhere.  Not the other way around!  And, let’s enjoy all of the wonderfully sparkly things that come our way because of what we put out.

Do you think that maybe the reason for such the divide between humankind is that people are afraid of happiness?  Like it’s not the cool thing?  No…drama is better…not!

I’m ending it with this…

I dare everyone to always look on the bright side, no matter what, because there is always a bright side.  Thank you, in advance.

Hope your day is the shiznit :P,


“Thank You, God, for using surprising metaphors to help us understand you better.  Thanks for guarding us just as the eyelid guards the eye.”

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