What are your beliefs, as far as, what do you believe in, spiritually?  Do you believe there is a force field of energy made up of light and darkness, and, we have control as to what energy we allow to enter into our lives?  Or, are you someone whom doesn’t believe in a higher power of any kind?

If your beliefs are like mine, let’s just be sure to be good representatives of our Papa and not get upset, or come toward someone abruptly, hoping to convince them, harshly, to seek magic.

All we can do is pay closer attention to our conscious, listen to what He is telling us, walk and act in faith (with Him walking parallel), and, naturally, people will start to notice what can actually come from looking on the bright side, or, so we hope.

And, some reject believing in energy transfer, and, therefore, don’t understand the rewards that come when the right messages and behaviors are sent traveling through the universe.  This may sound crazy, but, it’s true…

Luke 9:51 – 56     A gentle answer turns away wrath (brings in light), but a harsh word stirs up anger (brings in darkness)

We won’t be able to win over all, and, we’ll just have to be “okay” with it.  Rather than getting all jived up, let’s just be living testimonies, live our lives like we normally would, with a smile on our faces (most of the time :P), and, maybe, it will catch on.

‘It may surprise us to consider that God doesn’t need us to defend Him.  He wants us to represent Him!  That takes time, work, restraint, and love.’

  • time – witnessing the magical moments that occur in our lives, due to maintaining a rich relationship with Him, may take time for others to start and see
  • work – just like with any relationship, our relationship with Papa needs to be nurtured, which, requires work on our parts
  • restraint – avoiding tempting situations, holding back unkind words and communicate the way in which Jesus would
  • love – give it.  share it.  engulf ourselves in it.  let’s let it ooze from our pores.  🙂

“Lord, when we are confronted with hate, help us not to be haters but to respond as Your Son did: “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

Hope your day is… terrrrrific!


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