Wouldn’t it be boring if all of our lives were exactly the same, or very close, anyway?  😉 Those moments when we’re sitting at the table enjoying a story of someone’s past, from a different geographical location (which, is always interesting to me), listening about a time when they felt proud of a personal accomplishment and/or, their plan for themselves on down the road, which, sounds thrilling wouldn’t have happened if we were living all the same lives.  It would be sad.  Aren’t a lot of your fond memories of your life revolve around communication with others?

It’s when the ‘green-eyed monster of jealously’ creeps into our space that interferes with these, should be, magical-and-blanketed-with-love moments.  But, we’re human.  So, it will continue to happen, occasionally, I’m sure.  Fortunately, there is a remedy to this madness :p, and, it’s right at our fingertips.

It’s just a matter of stopping, looking around, and, being thankful for everything that Papa is providing for us.  But, we need to think only about the things that bring joy into our lives.  For me, my joys would be as simple as, “Thank you for giving me my life…air to breathe, birds to listen to, sunrise to gaze”…on and on and on…because, like all of us, there is a lot in which to be thankful.

And, on the flip side, that green-eyed monster of jealously has crept into my brain, as well, on numerous occasions.  Most of which were related to my husband.  I’ve gotten a lot better. But, wow, so silly, looking back…

It’s only natural, though, for jealousy to enter.  We do have control, though, as to how far we let it stick around.  It’s hard, sometimes.  We sometimes just have to get out of own heads.  Again, this is when we stop and Give Thanks (out loud, preferably).  This is the remedy, always.

1 Samuel 18:5 – 15     So from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.

“Lord, You have given us life and the promise of life eternal if we trust in You as our Savior.  For that – and so many other blessings-we give You praise!

Hope your day is blessed.  Here’s to smiling all day!



I’m soo close to stepping up what I have to bring to the table for Lisa’s Daily Joy.  I can smell it.  My noggin is stirring… 🙂

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