When you hear the word dysfunctional, what comes to mind?  Commonly, we think of ‘individuals, families, relationships, organizations, and even governments’ as fitting examples for the word dysfunctional.

Our world is dysfunctional, no doubt about it.  This includes ourselves, as well.

Good news is is that our sins are ‘justified freely’ by Papa’s grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus, amongst all of the other positive spirits that surround us…if we want that kind of energy around us (thank you, Papa).

Life just is better when we do try and live the life that He wants us to live.  Ooh…perhaps do things such as:

  • relax
  • drink healing tea
  • bake
  • cook
  • garden
  • make love
  • laugh
  • dance
  • hug
  • kiss
  • converse
  • exercise
  • clean
  • get crafty/build something

My dad says to me, “life sure is good, but, it sure is hard”.  Isn’t that true?  Sometimes I have to surrender to Him because I’ll realize that I just can’t get through the situation on my own.  Speaking to Him out loud is exactly what is needed at the time.  Once my words are heard by the universe, then, the door is open for clarity, strength and peace to enter my world.  Those “thank you” moments become more and more abundant.

Could we call it foolishness to not take His offer to live the good life?  Or, at least live a life not remaining broken and dysfunctional.  And, it’s never too late to make the choice.  But, boy, I just can’t do it alone.  I’m just not strong enough.

What’s in your quality world?  You know mine.  My list is above.

Here’s to being happy!



Romans 3:10 – 26     For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

“Lord, in our dysfunctional lives we turn to You for restoration and strength.  Thank You for Your amazing grace and love!”

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