You ever take time and think about your beliefs about what happens when we pass?  I have and am now that I am writing about it.  It’s pretty fascinating what I think happens…

If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, then, you’d think that when we “die”, our energy will then have such space to roam around.  Gosh!  What opportunities to lift people’s spirits!  We’d be lifting, not dipping, right?!

This gives me a sense of ease as I go through life.  Yes.  We can all agree that this world is ‘dysfunctional’.  So, in order for it to balance out, we need not be ‘dysfunctional’!  Let’s not be ‘chained to the rhythm’, and, live!  See the world.  Relax.  Stretch.  Drink water.  Watch the sunset.  Whatever brings on bliss and health.

Whenever He wants me to “travel” in His world, He’ll let me know.  But, until, then…I’m not worrying.  I’m being happy, now.  la, da da da da…

We get worked up sometimes, though, don’t we?  Okay.  We all know that’s natural.  Life is hard, painful, but, WE ARE NOT ALONE!  We just need to speak out loud to Papa when we feel hopeless and weak.  THERE’S A TON OF POWER WHEN WE TALK OUT LOUD TO HIM!!!  He listens and fills our quality world with answered prayers (things that are going right in our world), IF! (yes, there is a catch :P), that’s the karma that we asked to receive.

Here’s to trying to build a personal legacy of love for our loved ones!…for future generations to come, even…

Hope your day is peachy,



Matthew 10:28 – 33     Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.

“Heavenly Father, this life can be so hard and painful.  But You!…You are right there with us, loving us, keeping us, holding us!  and You promise never to leave us or forsake us.”

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